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‘I felt 2 inches taller — really stretched’

I have had one of Fiona’s “on the couch” massages, which are totally dreamy, where she combines the elements you would expect of a massage with relaxation. However last week I experienced one of her chair massages in the office. This was brilliant!

You can keep your clothes on (quite helpful being in the office), it lasts about half an hour (doesn’t disrupt the whole day), and then afterwards you feel energised and ready to carry on with work. To say nothing of helping those pesky muscles that get all knotted up.

Very good, the first one of many.

Jane Hooper - Graphic Designer

‘I felt like I was walking on air for 2 days afterwards’

Fiona’s massage hits the spot! I first met Fiona at a Falmouth Networking Club, and as soon as I found out about her work, I booked her. I have suffered for a few years with neck and shoulder pain after a skiing injury and get extremely stiff when working on my PC a lot or becoming stressed. Fiona’s skills are just what I needed and her massage technique is wonderful. I needed quite a strong therapeutic massage, and it truly worked. I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough. She is a bubbly, friendly and very professional person, who will also give you space to have a quiet massage if that’s what you require.

Clare Hughes - Interior Designer, CH Design

‘I was like melting Belgian chocolate’

I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough!

Fiona is, without a doubt, the best massage therapist that I have ever used. I have had massages at some amazing hotels, through to alternative medicine clinics and their treatments are nowhere near as effective and enjoyable as Fiona’s bodywork.

From talking to you about the oils and smell you might like, through to tackling any problem areas, Fiona’s approach is bespoke and all about her client.

Both my husband and I have a massage once a month and the time in between can’t go quickly enough!

Helen Mulhern - Managing Director at Eventy — Marketing & PR

Fiona is a fabulous therapist who is very, very professional and who takes her work seriously and keeps her skills and knowledge updated.

In an area (Cornwall) where there are many, many therapists, Fiona stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Book her NOW!

Susan Girelli Hill - Susan Girelli Hill Italian and English Language services

Before I had my first massage with Fiona, I had no pre-conceived ideas about what to expect, other than it was maybe part of beauty regime and possibly a bit of a luxurious indulgence (which on one level it still is).

However, what I have since discovered is that the way in which Fiona works is much more than this. Because Fiona’s practice is more of a holistic therapy, it has had a profound effect on my attitude and the way I view my bodily health. She has given me much more of an insight into how important it is for me to maintain, as part of a healthy regime, the way my body works.

Over an ongoing period of time, I have begun to respect my body much more and be increasingly conscious of the effect looking after my body has on my mental, as well as physical, well being. Because of the depth of Fiona’s work, she has enabled me to experience a whole new way of relating to my mind and body and this has had the effect that I now feel more in control of my body mind and destiny.

I now consider the therapies I have with Fiona to be a necessary part of my general health maintenance. The journey of self knowledge and awareness, that I experience, which has been facilitated by the depth of Fiona’s practice, has been, and is, wonderful.

MR - 2007

Fiona has a wealth of experience behind her so firstly I feel I can trust her with my body and secondly I know she will work with professionalism and integrity — that is important to me when I offer up my body to be worked on.  She has both instinctive and academic knowledge and is truly interested in promoting my well-being.  She can cover the range from soothing and regenerative to the deep stretching and manipulation required following sport or injury.  One thing I am reassured of is that Fiona will deliver a deeply therapeutic treatment — she has a natural talent.

FT - 2007