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My relationship with movement and the body probably started when I was about 5 years old. I attended Eurythmy classes in Glasgow – yup, as in Rudolf Steiner, or indeed Annie Lennox. I suspect that’s where my ‘holistic’ understanding began, though I’m sure I simply enjoyed the dancing aspect at the time! I went on to do years of ballet, followed by contemporary dance, though never professionally (having failed the medical for the Royal Ballet, which left me somewhat disheartened, though later, grateful).

My upbringing was unconventional as I was surrounded by classical musicians and opera singers with a music room at home devoted to opera scores, many and varied LPs and a very beautiful Steinway. On leaving home, I spent the next 12 years in banking and book-keeping, before being drawn back to movement, this time as a career.

I trained as a Medau based Keep Fit teacher and increasingly became interested in the Alexander Technique through sessions with Ilana Machover, and in-depth workshops with David Gorman. At this time I also had access to a huge ‘library’ of Psychotherapy and Bodywork books as my partner owned and ran a Humanistic Psychology bookshop. I later attended Feldenkrais classes and intensive courses as I continued to explore the value of awareness in exercise. It was at this point I developed my own versions of standard abdominal exercises, utilising what I had learned through Alexander and Feldenkrais work.

I then began my massage training, where an early course with Ken Eyerman encouraged a dynamic, exploratory and intuitive approach which never left me. I have attended many different styles of massage, bodywork and anatomy courses over the years including a week long study of Stanley Keleman‘s Emotional Anatomy book. My increasing interest was the strong connection between head, heart, body, soul, expression of all those aspects, and wellness.

Relatively recently I re-trained in Holistic Massage, having suffered from what I would call the ‘insecure menopausal mother’ syndrome! I also completed an NLP course with Zetetic, whilst living in Cornwall, after having first come across it back in the 80’s.

I continue to participate in classes and courses relating to a variety of relevant aspects of mind and bodywork. And, almost more importantly, I have regular treatments myself as I know one of the best ways of learning and staying connected is to experience it. I like to remember how a new client might feel by putting myself in their shoes and seeing different therapists from time to time.