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Mostly, I use waxes & balms as I think they feel absolutely delicious – much more buttery & creamy than oils! I wish they’d existed years ago, when I first started doing bodywork! They don’t spill or stain in the same way oils do & they suit the deeper work I offer, allowing me a better relationship ‘through’ your skin, rather than sliding about on the surface.

I have been using Songbird & Highland waxes, & Niki’s organic balms, and have just added a couple of vegan waxes (from Vegan Wax Company). They each have a slightly different feel, with a variety of ingredients, both in the base oils & in the essential oils they add, which are perfect for all skin types. For more details, click through to their websites. Clients seem to like the feel of rich, silky skin on completion, as opposed to the sense of greasiness they often feel after an oil massage. Vital Touch have a few essential oil blends which I add to a plain wax base – again, using the base that seems to suit the specific blend of oils & extending the range of ‘smells’ I can offer!

I have had personal contact with the people running the companies, and have a sense of who they are and what motivates them. For me, this is very important, as they are all committed to what they produce, & are proud of the quality…