Rates for Massage at Work

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Companies or Groups

  • £100 per 2 hour session

A monthly or quarterly contract can be set up to allow maximum flexibility if staff numbers may vary — we can adjust individual’s timings to fit a 2 hour slot. Generally, that’s around £15 per person.

It tends to work best in situations where costs are covered by the company – keeps it simple for everyone!

Travel is included within 10 miles of Bude — beyond that, I charge £5 per additional 5 miles, depending on length of session booked.

Training Days or Events

  • £100 per 2 hour session

If you need the service for longer periods of time, this can be accommodated, though regular breaks will be required. Contact me to discuss your specific needs — the service is flexible.


  • £20 for 15 min. session
  • £30 for 30 min
  • £40 for 45 min

(these are hands-on times)

My travel costs are included, if I am in your area, otherwise I charge £5 per visit — within 10 miles of Bude. A further £5 is charged for each additional 5 miles. I make every effort to organise appointments to avoid travel charges for you.

Payment can be by Faster Payments or cash, though I no longer take cheques. Invoices can be provided.