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For a year I have had the benefit of a ‘double Fiona’ – a monthly massage at work session and 8 full body massages at home.

The work sessions are a lighter touch – regular maintenance that help general aches and pains from long hours sat at a desk, in meetings or in the car. The home sessions provide a more personal, deeper contact that enabled a deeper transformation to take place in both body and mind.

From the first home session, it became apparent how much unconscious information, thoughts and feelings, could be unlocked by something as simple as touch. Through working with the body, deeper emotional responses and thoughts were being triggered.

Enabled by Fiona, each session followed a simple format beginning with a discussion; what did I want to work on? what thoughts had occurred before her arrival? I usually found that in the days (or sometimes hours) leading up to Fiona’s arrival, a specific topic or feeling would surface, which would be the focus.

It was amazing what we uncovered by simply allowing each individual session the time and space to connect internal thoughts and feelings whilst being supported by the actual bodywork. I can honestly say that I have been surprised by what has resulted…

In a word… healing.

Jeanette Read - Contract Manager

When Fiona arrives with her massage couch, fluffy towels, choice of creams and music to relax to, she’ll ask if you’ve ever had a massage before. Just say ‘No’, because, believe me, you’ll never have had one like this! She has magic in her hands, and you’ll feel revived and rejuvenated after a very short time – I’m still feeling the benefit over 2 weeks later.

If you’re on holiday, I’d recommend a session early so you don’t waste any time unwinding.You can get straight on with the business of enjoying your well-deserved R&R.

Fiona’s absolutely amazing, and it’s the best £50 I’ve spent in a very long time.

Massage with 'magic' hands - Local resident working with those on holiday retreats!

I have been seeing Fiona, or she has been seeing me for four years. In that time she has tended to a number of sports injuries and aches and pains. She takes careful history, discusses treatments and always seeks feedback. She brings a wealth of experience to her practice, both in terms of the study she undertakes and her practical experience. She has never failed to find a solution to my various strains and pains, and I will continue to use and recommend her. Just watch out for that Rossiter – could be a step too far!

For context, I am a 40 something male, who works his body very hard, cycling and running – harder than a body this old should be pushed! But, it’s my life and my choice and as well as offering great treatments, Fiona considers the whole person and gently suggests other things that might help keep me on the road.

40 something cyclist and runner

I think of Fiona as the SAS, in that I call her in when things get tough! Fiona has been helping me with one main on-going structural problem with my back, sometimes taking two sessions to bring some normality. I’m guided by The Madam, who understands what my body can take in a session! Over the years she has also helped deal with other problems as they arise, on occasion using the wonderful Rossiter technique – tongue in cheek for those who have experienced the process!

On-going structural back problem - Kate P 2014

Having had problems with my back a couple of years ago, I have since implemented a programme for myself re ‘good use’ and self care. Combining swimming, Pilates and Seated Acupressure, I am able to address issues of stamina, core strength, flexibility, awareness and relaxation. The added benefit of Fiona’s session is the calming yet invigorating aspect along with her insightful observations on my ‘updates’. Given the large amount of time many of us spend sitting through our work, I would recommend regular Seated Acupressure treatments with her – highly effective and great value for money.

Ken O'Brien - Lecturer

I have a hectic work life running my own independent business. This necessitates both a fair amount of travel (inevitably carrying a laptop, vital accessories, papers and essentials for an overnight stay) together with long periods of relative inactivity in front of a computer.

I find opportunities to relax are infrequent but Fiona’s Massage at Work sessions can be fitted into the schedule at my convenience. They relieve some of the physical tension but also allow me intense periods of mental relaxation, both of which I find very valuable.

Nick - irregular service user!

I find the On Site Service that Fiona provides deals directly with the physical and mental stress associated with running a business. I can arrange a treatment at work in between meetings when my body (and head) need it! I prefer strong, physical work and she delivers this in both a professional and warm way. I would recommend this service as an excellent addition to the workplace.

Antony Best - Director, Eddie Jewell Acoustics

‘A moment of calm in the middle of a busy week’

- monthly 'Massage at Work' service user

Having experienced the short/seated massage sessions provided by Fiona Lockhart a number of times, I can happily say that they are  really useful and effective in delivering much needed relief without being invasive either on time or body. I would recommend her ‘Massage at Work’ Service to anyone who is time poor.

- College lecturer / self-employed Design Consultant

‘I felt 2 inches taller — really stretched’