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I am an independent Massage Therapist, currently based in the North of Cornwall, practically in Devon!

These days I mostly offer massage and bodywork sessions for individual clients in their homes Рduring the daytime, evenings or at weekends. So, after work, on a day off, whether you are home-based or go out to work. I can fit around family needs,  perhaps while babies nap, before the kids get home from school or when they are in bed.

I was offering Massage & Bodywork in the Workplace, but after Covid protocols were introduced, I have suspended this service & will explore its feasibility in due course.

In 2012, I became the first Rossiter Coach in Cornwall, and worked alongside Richard Rossiter himself, at the Holistic Health exhibition in the NEC, Birmingham. Rossiter works as a separate bodywork treatment, or as an add-on, primarily to floorwork. Individuals and companies alike can explore this very dynamic approach, especially for structural pain issues. Having said this, after Covid protocols were introduced, I have also suspended this service for now.

I originally worked in London, 35 years ago, so I have seen many trends come and go in the Bodywork world. Click on background for more info.

My health, fitness and all-round wellbeing are of paramount importance to me, so I ‘walk the talk’ and, occasionally, trip up! For me, exploring and understanding our overall wellness, is a lifelong thing which changes through age, stage and circumstance. So I see my work as a partnership with my clients, investigating the best route for them, together.