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I am an independent Massage Therapist, based in Cornwall, providing a High Value, Low Cost staff Wellbeing service for various Businesses – some local, some national. My ‘On-Site’ massage service is primarily weekdays during business hours, however if you operate from a home office, I have flexibility to work outside this. I cover nationwide contracts both through OnSite Plus and other agencies.

I also offer massage and bodywork sessions for individual clients in their homes – during the daytime, evenings or at weekends. So, after work, on a day off, whether you are home-based or go out to work. I can fit around family needs,  perhaps while babies nap, before the kids get home from school or when they are in bed.

In 2012, I became the first Rossiter Coach in Cornwall, and worked alongside Richard Rossiter himself, at the Holistic Health exhibition in the NEC, Birmingham. Rossiter works as a separate bodywork treatment, or as an add-on, primarily to floorwork. Individuals and companies alike can explore this very dynamic approach, especially for structural pain issues.

I originally worked in London, over 30 years ago, so I have seen many trends come and go in the Bodywork world. Click on background for more info.

I am now lucky enough to work in some of the most beautiful places in Cornwall, offering my unique style of truly holistic massage to both those living here and others on holiday from far and wide.

My health, fitness and all-round wellbeing are of paramount importance to me, so I ‘walk the talk’ and, occasionally, trip up! For me, exploring and understanding our overall wellness, is a lifelong thing which changes through age, stage and circumstance. So I see my work as a partnership with my clients, investigating the best route for them, together.