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Although Seated Acupressure has really only been around since 1984, it is based on a traditional form of Japanese massage that we now know as Shiatsu. This was introduced to Japan from China some 1500 years ago, where it had been used since 3000 B.C.

Briefly, the Chinese identified a network of 12 energy pathways throughout the body on which Acupressure is based – these are the meridians. From the Eastern perspective they relate to specific internal organs, but with a much broader influence on our overall wellbeing than simply the physical aspect of that organ.

The bladder meridian runs down either side of the spine. All the others (within the Seated Acupressure kata) are in the arms.

In the Kata I use, I work on the following Meridians:


Function – Purification, elimination, storage and excretion of urine

Affects – Urinary system, water metabolism, bones, teeth, hair, eyes, spinal column, autonomic nervous system

Effect – Balancing, normalising and slightly eliminating through ‘Yu’ (associated) points. Gives courage and the ability to move forward with confidence.

Large Intestine

Function – Vitality, elimination, excretion, helps function of the lungs, processes food substances and eliminates what’s unnecessary

Affects – Bowels, skin, nose and sinuses, self-confidence, ability to let go.

Effects – Ki energy in this meridian is good for keeping things moving.

Small Intestine

Function – Assimilation, absorption of nutrients, separation of good from bad.

Affects – Passage of food, absorption, abdomen, mental discrimination, decision making, emotional stability, calmness. Quality of blood tissue reflects the condition of this meridian. Anxiety / emotional excitement / nervous shock can all weaken the energy of this meridian.

Effects – When flowing well provides feelings of rhythm and balance.

Triple Heater

Function – Protection, harmonises the lower, middle and upper body, creates and transports blood and heat to peripheral parts of the body.

Affects – Immune system, circulatory system, the body’s thermostat, social interaction, emotional protection.

Effects – the Ki energy in this meridian is associated with helpfulness and emotional interaction.

Heart Governor or Protector

Function – Protects heart and circulation. Closely related to emotional responses

Affects – Heart, veins, arteries, blood, emotions, relationships with others, protection of others

Effects – Enhancing the flow of energy in this meridian has a very calming effect. Good for stress relief.


Function – Gives good sense of rhythm and co-ordination, governs blood, blood vessels and circulatory system.

Affects – Nervous system, cardiovascular system, sleep patterns. Houses mind / emotions

Effects – When out of balance can lead to panic attacks, irritability. Promotes joy, calmness and communication.


Function – Vitality, intake of ki from the air, taking in new influences, elimination of gases through exhalation.

Affects – Lungs, nose, skin, breathing, sinuses, mental vitality, positivity.

Effects – Good for positive thinking, physical endurance. Promotes openness, emotional stability and enthusiasm. When stagnated it’s easier to become depressed.

I also work on various points relating to the other Meridians:

Spleen, Kidney, Liver, Stomach and Gall Bladder