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This is extreme stretching & I love it! This is definitely not massage, but falls under the heading of bodywork. It is for those who want the max out of their body through having a balance of strength and flexibility (vital to long term prevention of injury), or those who want to explore a powerful technique to help get rid of pain.

Pain is information …

Pain is communication …

Pain is your body’s way of asking you for help … and now, you’ll know how to respond.

Once you’ve discovered Rossiter Workouts, you may find pain is not something to be feared, but more to be curious about.

Rossiter Stretching is like yoga, only with 2 people. It’s like Pilates, only more powerful. It has elements of massage therapy, Shiatsu, energy healing, myofascial release, Rolfing/structural integration … and other forms of bodywork.

Rossiter is for structural issues, and structural pain is the easiest to understand and often the easiest to remove from the body.

It’s for injuries, old injuries, overuse and overused.

What’s involved in a Rossiter Workout?

Rossiter Techniques use weight (your Coach — me) and active stretching (by you) to loosen and lengthen the entire network of connective tissue to its natural state. When injured or overused, connective tissue shortens and tightens impairing full function of your body.

Most Rossiter techniques take place on the floor, on a mat, lying on your back, though some use a chair. Another ‘clothed’ treatment, with very little kit, making it suitable for the workplace too.

On our first session, I will take time to explain how the techniques need to be carried out. We will decide on the day how many are appropriate for you/your condition.

This system was originally developed by Richard Rossiter, a former US helicopter pilot, who endured severe shoulder pain for more than 10 years, after being shot down in Vietnam. After becoming a Certified Advanced Rolfer (connective tissue specialist), he went on to develop a shorter, faster way to help his clients get out of pain.

How Many Sessions

This varies depending on how long the problem has existed and what you are looking to get out of the Workouts. Some people find one session enough, sometimes several will be required. I would regard this as maintenance for my body, as I do massage, but in a totally different way.


As with any treatment, we will discuss your medical history, and, if necessary, amend our session.