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Massage at Home

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Please note I’m now based in Bude

Below are the various options for massage in your own home, including clothed treatments which take up less time…

Traditional Massage on a Couch

I bring my deluxe massage couch with its extra inch of memory foam heaven, and full kit – towels, waxes (even more lush than oils) and choice of music. Clients say it’s like being supported by clouds – no reason why you should skimp on comfort, just because you’re at home.

My standard massage is now 60 minutes, having adjusted to client demand, though I am always happy to work for longer! I like nothing less than 75 minutes for myself, but truly it’s what works for you – your body, your time, pocket and needs.

Seated Acupressure Massage

Instead of my deluxe massage couch, I bring my deluxe chair! Also very comfy, ergonomically designed and surprisingly relaxing. Whether you work from home or a shorter, clothed treatment just suits you better, this fits the bill. Some clients see this as a really simple and affordable way to look after their neck, shoulders and back. Some alternate it with a monthly couch massage.

These seated sessions are 15, 30 or 45 minutes in length, once I’ve set up.

How It Works

You choose the room that suits you best, and while I set up, you complete your Consultation Form. We discuss any medical issues and your needs on the day…then we begin…

Because I come to you, I can fit around your timetable – evenings and weekends too. It can be for just you, you and a friend or partner, or the whole family – a spa day at home!

My Aims

To enable you to be the expert for your body – if you’re not already. You have inhabited your body for all the years you’ve been alive – likelihood is, somewhere, you’ll have an amazing internal file of reference. It’s my job to encourage you to access and utilise that information.

To offer you a massage from a truly holistic perspective i.e. potentially looking at every area of your life to see what supports you to be the very best you can be, with a body functioning to its optimum. And… to facilitate that process of positive change.