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‘Toys’ to support your bodywork sessions!

Let’s be clear, I mean bits of kit, not actually ‘toys’, but I do think sometimes a new bit of kit can inspire you to do some extra work on your own, in between bodywork sessions!

As much as possible, I aim to have items you can borrow, to see if they’re useful, & you can always buy them from me if it turns out they are. I have gym balls, wobble cushions, wobble boards, foam rollers, spiky massage balls, skipping ropes & yoga blocks – I’ve even lent out my rebounder…

Some uses for the above are obvious, some more relating to specific injuries, & some simply to support good ongoing body use. The wobble cushions are an example of this, as a number of clients (& friends) have found them excellent in encouraging a little bit of movement when sitting at a desk (or at the steering wheel) for long periods of time. I’ve probably said before, there is no such thing as ‘good posture’ – we are designed for movement, so ANY position for any length of time is NOT GOOD!

Unlike the smaller items I stock, referred to in an earlier Blog Post, I don’t carry these items around with me, but do ask if you’re interested, especially for some ankle injuries, which can be helped by the wobble boards, or if you have deep niggly areas, where the spiky balls can be very effective.

I do aim to give self-care stretches where I can, working at a level that suits your current range of movement. And, I’m always happy to be on the end of email, phone or even Skype if you need to pick my brains in between treatments.

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