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My Summer First Aid Kit!

Small spray filled with (just) water  – buy at Boots, Superdrug etc. The fine spray evaporates really quickly, & it’s perfect for anywhere that needs cooling down. Brilliant for overheated babies or kids too – a mood changer for all!

Lavender and/or Tea Tree essential oil – these can be applied directly to the skin on insect bites, spots etc. You could use a cotton bud to apply them, if you wanted to be cautious around any sensitivity, but I do it straight from the bottle.

Tiger Balm – Freshens you up when the weather is stifling – I apply it at the throat, behind the ears, back of the wrists. Also a fantastic muscle rub – no need to use much so lasts for ages, & great for summer colds – pop on a hanky, the tiniest amount on the end of your nose, or on the soles of your feet!

Bach Rescue Remedy – a combination of flower remedies for shock or trauma, no matter how small. If we don’t ‘honour’ these things at the time, they get integrated into the body & show up much later in the muscles & organs… honestly, trust me on this…!

I stock most of the above items in small quantities to sell, to save you hunting around if that’d help – so, if you’re local, just let me know.

Oh, & please never reply directly to this Post – it isn’t an ’email’, so simply disappears into the ether, never to be seen again… thanks.

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