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March is here, more daylight at both ends of the day, shoots everywhere, snowdrops and the like appearing to remind us of endless changes… How are you doing with any plans for change?

I wrote at the beginning of the year about doing more that results in us liking ourselves… which builds our internal ‘change’ muscles… dislike and disrespect for ourselves is not motivating…

I took a while to choose my word and colour for the year, as I knew they had to work when the going got tough, not just look pretty in a frame! They needed to inspire and encourage me when I felt like giving up. Courage was softer than Brave and allowed me to feel a bit ‘limp lettuce‘ and adapt my courageousness!

My ‘domino‘ words (those on which all other feelings and goals depend) are Move, Nourish and Declutter. When I get stuck, I know I need to be exploring one of those if Courage alone doesn’t give me clarity. For me, they have many meanings and that fluidity of interpretation is vital. The creative possibilities give me Joy and a sense of Fun… frankly, when I can access that, I’m on the home straight to effectiveness.

So, do your word(s) speaks to you when you are disheartened or depleted… that’s where the realĀ change happens… and then you’re more likely to like yourself, and do more to fill your soul!

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