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A few FUN ideas for 2015!

Here we are in 2015, maybe with a bit of bounce and a sense of a fresh start…?! Anyway, I came across a few ideas I’m implementing – not least because they are FUN!

Choose a WORD that will inspire you this year, as it keeps in mind what you want to focus on, or perhaps what you would like your year to contain… Mine is COURAGE. It’s a good idea to spend a bit of time on this.

Choose a COLOUR that supports your dreams/plans etc for the year. Last year, mine was BAHAMA BLUE (says Dylon!), this year it’s RED.

Do more of what results in you LIKING YOURSELF. So, be smart, this is less about doing what you like or dislike, it’s RESULTS focussed. You will flourish if you LIKE yourself, which, in turn, makes it much easier to stay ‘on track’.

Finally, the year is made up of 52 weeks – okay, I know you knew that! Save in £s, each week, what the week number is – ie wk 1, save £1, wk 2, save £2 etc till you get to wk 52, when you save £52… Apparently, this totals £1378 over the year! What I love about this is the figures are so tiny to begin with – keeps it EASY, doable, which seems to me the key to success in everything…

And, of course, if a session sounds like FUN, get in touch!

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