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I’ve found people seem to split into 2 groups around a New Year – they either hit it with a bang and launch themselves into new thoughts, ideas and plans… or… perhaps FEEL their way into it a little more gently and slowly. I have definitely gone for the latter ‘dormouse’ emerging the last few years! It allows more time to check whether all the ‘firework’ energy entering each New Year is, in fact, sending us in the best direction for EASE & JOY!

The truth is we can start a ‘new year’ anytime we want – it’s simply a new start. We can explore whether ideas not followed through are actually a lack of commitment, or perhaps, not a good match for what else is going on in and around us and what we want to create in the year ahead.

For example, recently I reviewed the way I did my daily ‘joy’ list, as it was too ‘external’. By that I mean, it included a large number of moments appreciated ‘outside’ of myself. This tied in with the realization last year, that my soul felt under nourished.

So… my current mission is to access my internal ‘well of joy’, and focus more on ‘re-fuelling’ from the inside out… that way, I’m considerably more resilient to life’s knocks and more likely to stay on track… well, that’s the plan!

Let me know your 2015 realizations…

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