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Here’s to 2015 bringing us ease and joy

As we slip and slide towards 2015, I accept that certain tasks and chores did not get tackled… however, instead, I had delicious time catching up with friends and family, and dipped in and out of the sunshine and crisp outdoors.

I did take time out to reflect on what worked in 2014, what I wanted more of, various achievements (never mind the immediate outcomes), and what learning I would take into 2015.

I also reconnected with very old friends over Christmas, which encouraged me to remember many of the ‘mes’ I’d been, and appreciate that I’m alive, fit and well – more than I can say for some significant people in my life, sadly.

Here’s to a 2015 filled with joyous, open hearted connections with more Earth Angels – I love that description of kindred spirits and more… for all of us, however we interpret and live that out.

Take care and thank you.

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