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What a year for de-cluttering! I’m speaking for myself of course, though I know many people who have also chucked out, cleaned and cleared in a big way this year and last.

As I’m sure you’re aware, de-cluttering ‘stuff’ does much more than just increase physical space. It often helps you integrate elements of the past, perhaps who you were, what you did, and bring it into the now, in a way that is so much more useful than simply storing piles of never looked at crud!

I find the past really useful… but I do not want to stay there… sometimes I’ve simply forgotten all the situations I’ve been in and handled, often very well, and I can ‘cut and paste’ those memories and bring them into challenges I’m facing now.

Burning is a wonderful way to kiss goodbye to any paperwork with a lot of emotional charge. I recently burnt the majority of a collection of opera and ballet programmes from Covent Garden, mostly from my childhood, which allowed for colossal healing to occur… wonderful.

Sometimes we need to let go of people too… I’m a great believer that people come into our lives for a reason(see ‘Unexpected visitors‘), but that doesn’t mean they have to stay for ever…

Is there anything you could clear out before the end of the year?

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