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Unexpected Visitors

No, I’m not talking about spiders, even though they are appearing everywhere with the change in the weather, and, no I’m not referring to mice… I’m thinking about people who enter our lives without notice. Chance meetings, encounters, where we are given an opportunity to explore a new friendship perhaps, or an entirely different take on life… Or, an offer or a request that we decide to go with… or not.

Over the years, people have sometimes commented on how ‘lucky’ I am to have met all the influential people who have passed on wisdom, new ways of thinking, new approaches. I’m inclined to think it’s less about luck, and more about a willingness to open myself up to potentially scary new adventures. Perhaps about the courage to say yes and not no.

I have been in some wild places and situations – literally and emotionally – and I feel so much richer from all these ‘visitors’. I have a sense they knocked, I opened the door and welcomed them in, albeit sometimes with trepidation! They were unexpected, for sure, but the wonderful opportunities I have had I would never take back.

We all have these chance ‘visitors’ – what are you going to do next time the door knocks? Will you even hear the knock? Open up your ears and your heart – great opportunities await. Have fun!

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