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Time to mention Feldenkrais again!!

Hello all… alongside my massage treatments, I aim to give you some additional ideas to take away & explore for yourself, in your own time. I’m a big fan of free (if possible), short, & easy to do… Feldenkrais is one of those…

I refer to my massage sessions as treatments & use the word bodywork, as, for me, massage is not a passive thing that ‘happens’ to you. You are relaxing, but also, potentially, participating, learning, by giving me feedback & by the movements I incorporate within the work, to indicate to your muscles, the range they could have… with a little guidance.

A massage can be seen as a treat, a luxury, so I want to give as much ‘added value’ as I can, with any ‘takeaways’. Sometimes you might just want escapism in a session, but I see our bodies & optimum function as something that can mean massage is more affordable, because it improves our life. If you put a small amount aside each week, then a massage could be a part of what makes your life work better!!

I discovered Feldenkrais decades ago & now, sadly, do it mostly online as my wonderful teacher left Cornwall. But… there are annual free summits, monthly free lessons, & a huge library you can access. I would recommend that you do!(There is even an app now, with all kinds of extras – delicious!! I like to be a resource for useful elements that those in Cornwall may not have come across… I was lucky, I had the richness that London offered for many types of holistic bodywork & so little is available down here…

If you want to know more, do follow the links above, but also feel free to contact me… & of course, if you’d like a massage to start you on your journey of wellbeing… get in touch!!

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