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Working at home…?

I’m talking specifically to those of you working at a home office …. Many of you have been doing this for years, in which case your desk / work station may work well for you… but… do you still spend too long sitting in one place…?

A lot is said about correct heights / angles etc but, from the point of view of overall good body use, no position is ‘good’, no posture is ‘good’, if it’s static, as static is theĀ problem!! Movement is the answer, different positions, some of them may even be considered ‘bad’… but if they’re only for a short while, that’s fine… ‘perfect posture’ for 4 + hours is a nonsense!!

What I offer is a service where I come to your home, set up my chair & offer clothed massage / bodywork to the areas that tend to take the strain… We can also discuss ways to lessen painful niggles that can emerge through working at a pc or laptop. Here’s the link to the specific page on my website, do have a look, & if you think I could support your body & therefore your business … please get in touch!

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