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Retired, active, but with some aches & pains…?!

If that description sounds a bit like you, perhaps I can help. I provide a mobile massage & bodywork service within 10 miles of Bude (though I will travel further if you cover costs) & can offer massage couch or clothed chair treatments at your home.

Many people find that body use over the years comes ‘home to roost’ as they get older. Some help in finding ways to alleviate aches & pains, using massage & perhaps, some follow up ‘homework’ with stretches, for example, can sort out problems that may have existed for a long time.

The massage work I do varies according to each clients needs, abilities & body type, & is dynamic as well as relaxing, as I am introducing movement while I work, to encourage gradual changes in the muscles & joints.

You can find out more about the traditional massage service here. If you prefer the sound of a shorter clothed massage, in my massage chair, that information is here. I am always happy to answer any questions, especially if the idea of massage & bodywork is new to you, do get in touch.

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