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We have lift off!

It seems us massage therapists (& other close contact workers) have finally been allowed to offer what has been especially needed this year… & denied… starting next Monday 12th April 2021.

As you can imagine my life has totally changed & the way I work, along with the number of clients I see, will also change, going forward. I will need to explore how this all evolves as appointments pick up again, but this year has had the most devastating impact, personally & professionally, so I’m dipping my toes in the water, slowly.

Some of you are already booked in & raring to go – thank you!! For the more cautious, for whatever reason, I would like a conversation before setting up future treatments, preferably by phone, though initially email would work.

For transparency, I want to make it clear, I have not had the vaccine & have no intention of having it in the future. Transmission can occur regardless of the vaccine & I lead a fairly ‘pared down’ life & have done for years, & want to retain responsibility for my wellbeing by allowing my body to ‘recover & repair’ itself for as long as I can. This does not mean I am Anti Vaxx, which is used as a highly offensive term… but do feel free to unsubscribe if my investigations & subsequent views disturb you…

Going forward, I would love to work, once again, with bodywork & lifestyle tweaks to encourage your body (& all that’s connected with it… ie everything!!)┬áto do the best for you… just get in touch!


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