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Massage bookings for the forseeable future!

As I was saying last time, we have NEVER been in control of our lives, & the sooner we ‘make friends’ with that truth, the better we will manage our day to day lives & find the best way to get the most out of it.

Now we are in Lockdown again, the only massage treatments permitted are those to clients with very clear ‘health conditions’, where my input is considered essential. Whilst I am taking bookings for elopement treatments set to happen much later in the year, it doesn’t make sense to set up anything else at the moment.

I am here at the end of the phone or email should you feel you’re in need of input from me… on a good day I still have tons to offer!

At this time, I would urge you NOT to further spread the FEAR around Covid & instead arm yourselves with your methods of choice around health & wellbeing, so if you do get it, the likelihood is, it will have very little impact on you. When I went to London, I researched typical symptoms & took various homeopathic remedies with me, along with my books… & of course, tiger balm, lavender, tea tree & lemon myrtle essential oils etc etc. I would suggest you assume you WILL get it, that it’ll be a nuisance & possibly unpleasant, but that you have the skills within you to recover well. FEAR is doing a lot of damage at the moment to our heads & our bodies & has resulted in panic attacks with callouts to the paramedics – not helpful for anyone…

Go gently, & do be smart about what the risks of life really are… & always were. Till next time…

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