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Fully open for business again on 1st August 2020…

Hello All,

Although I have kept in touch with my clients in various ways, some of you on my Blog Post list only,¬†may not have heard from me for a while…. but, in honesty, I didn’t have much to say…

I have been testing out my COVID-19 measures with a few, very willing clients, since mid July, after gaining a certificate in preventing cross infections & studying the endless guidelines from the government, Cornwall Council & various professional bodies. Everyone has been comfortable with the new protocols, felt safe & understood the need for all the extra checks. Even since getting back to work, much has changed, & I sense it will continue to do so, for various reasons, so I am still getting familiar with the new routines!

My booking system remains the same – email, phone or text – the travel part of each appointment means an online version simply doesn’t work for my diary. You will be sent an information & consent form once the booking is made – for printing & signing to give me when I arrive. I will also send some information about how the treatment will work & things you need to be aware of (such as airing the room prior to my arrival). And, the day before your appointment, I will get in touch to confirm you’re feeling well, no COVID-19 related symptoms, none from anyone you’ve met, check re visitors or any travel, so we are as sure as we can be that risks are eliminated. On my arrival, you’ll see much of my kit is packed differently & the whole unpacking & setting up process is full of handwashing & follows a very strict order, along with some additions to my ‘uniform’.

If you would like to have a look at any of the information I have prepared, I am more than happy to email it across to you, just let me know. Some of you may want to be reassured around the measures I’ve put in place, & I can discuss further protocols before you make an appointment, if needs be.

I think this has been a challenge for all of us, with much learning, some opportunities for gratitude & for many, a lot of pain, hard work & suffering. I’m hoping that massage can find its way back into our lives &, once again, allow us some touch & a more connected sense with our bodies, hearts, heads & souls.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, thank you, Fiona

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