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Breakfast, but not as you know it!

I’ll own up from the start, I’ve not been a ‘student’, so I may be acting out some behaviours that should’ve been dropped by now… but… I am a lover of leftovers for breakfast! That could be pasta bake, curry, spag bol…or anything that’s around, including all the usual suspects! Also, I don’t always eat at the same time, I let my stomach tell me what & when it wants something, especially as my schedule has been (until recently!) eternally changeable.

I came across a great snippet from the wonderful & inspiring Maya Angelou, after a conversation I had with one of my very lovely clients about a cookbook she had of hers. Maya Angelou’s thought was we keep going back for more, not because we’re hungry, but because we aren’t eating what we actually fancy ie want, on a taste level. I love this & totally agree.

I am a great believer in tuning in to whatever you fancy (okay, within reason, don’t take liberties with this, it’ll get you nowhere!) & revelling it, even if it’s a ‘naughty treat’ – enjoy it GUILT FREE… Generally, if we’re satiated, on many levels, we don’t create an unhealthy desire for the forbidden, the hidden, & we certainly don’t have to get caught up in the shame game…

Be smart with this, but do remember, breakfast can be anything you want it to be – so, rearrange your typical meals, if it suits your lifestyle & your belly better.┬áBreak a few rules around meals, it’s very freeing…!!

And, right now, mixing up the rules for behaviours at home – around food, clothing or anything else – could be the perfect time… these are rules you can break without causing danger to anyone. If you want some input from a ‘rule rebel’, or just to share…get in touch!!

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