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Bluebells pushing up regardless!

Whatever else is happening, there are aspects of Nature that continue, & my bluebells are doing just that! They’re elbowing my cyclamen out of the way in their desire for light…

I love that undeniable reminder of the life force that exists all around us, that energy that we can all participate in, to some extent. And, let’s enjoy it, cos right now, we need some simple, positive delights, for sure!

In spite of some crazy weather, even in the last few days, there are bursts of sunshine & a sense of Spring Days – I even began to consider my morning cuppa & journalling ritual outside… albeit with gloves, a scarf & a cushion to prevent chills!! And, most of you know I need heat, so that’s a big statement!

Some of my ‘rainforest’ garden is just a soggy mess from way too much rain, but if I focus my gaze on the sunnier side, it’s rather cheery & bursting with fresh green shoots – do we all need to just remember the ‘sunnier side’ too… amongst all the challenging updates praps…?

Only a short one this time, stay well, take care & boost your immune system in every way you can – body, heart, mind & soul – they’re all vital for resilience – I’ll pop up again soon.


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