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Lifestyle Tweaks

Surprisingly, lifestyle tweaks are sometimes more of what’s required to solve a physical problem, than the bodywork itself! It’s one of the (many) reasons I take time to fully check in with clients before starting the massage itself. Some of this is obvious, if external problems are causing stress, this will impact on your muscles, no matter what I do in the short term…

I have always maintained that you,the client, know all about your body, having ‘inhabited’ it all your life & I just help with that knowing. The biggest part I bring is the experience of all the people I’ve worked with, their very different bodies & lifestyles… along with the anatomy work (of course) &, in particular the Alexander & Feldenkrais approaches to our bodies. And, sometimes a very different way of seeing things, whether that’s about your body & its function, orĀ  more broadly, about life…

Some people are barely aware of their bodies, as the intellect, or the head, is all important & ‘who we are’ & the way we operate in the world is not understood to have as huge an impact on our physical body as it does.

I often say that what I do during the massage itself – a maximum of 90 mins – may amount to nothing if you spend the rest of your day, week etc repeating all the same patterns that are having the negative effect on your body… so, bear with me when I ask ‘how are you’ or ‘what’s going on with you’ – I am listening for lifestyle clues, & encouraging you to do the same. Stay curious, it’s all learning…& the aim is to do this together to achieve the best results!

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