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Finally moving into 2020!

Crazy, isn’t it, it’s taken 3 weeks for me to find a space where I feel a sense of actually moving into a New Year – 2020 – arguably, a new decade…! How has it been for you…?

I was somewhat catapulted into a strange ‘in between’ phase after Christmas (for many & varied reasons!) & have only really just surfaced & gone through some of my New Year ‘routines’. Choosing a theme, a colour & assessing the previous year are rituals for me, but as you can see, I allow it to be incredibly ‘organic’! As if to show support, a single arum lily has just emerged in my garden, as if it too, was finally ready to greet the world at this time!

I really don’t feel we should be forced into behaving any particular way if we are ‘not there yet’. A New Year can start on any day, & sometimes events dictate different ‘meaningful’ dates after which we want to start anew. I encourage you to ‘feel your way’ into any new beginnings, so you have the time to reflect on what matters to you, any changes you do (or don’t) want to make, to ensure you are ‘present’ in them, not making them for the sake of it.

As always, if you sense I can help things along in your life, encouraging & supporting changes, physical or otherwise, don’t hesitate to get in touch. However, I’m sending you encouragement to be true to you, whether bodywork sessions are your thing or not, & to respect your needs & rhythms.

Take care, I’ll be in touch again soon.


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