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Vegan wax

I’m always on the look out for new waxes or new blends, to mix up what I offer to clients within their massage treatments. Recently, I came across the Vegan Wax Company, who offer waxes without beeswax, with a plain wax & a few blended. Specifically for clients who are making a vegan choice in their lives, these are perfect… but, they also smell heavenly! Clients who have tried them are loving them, & as with all the different suppliers I use, there’s a slightly different texture & grip to each one.

I’ve since discovered that Songbird Naturals (my first supplier!) are now making a vegan wax too, so with my next order I’ll explore that & my clients can road test that too!

However, I’m continuing to use base waxes with beeswax, & some of you may remember me mentioning a wonderful company (Highland Wax) whose wax has such a delicious smell of honey a few clients choose to have it with nothing added… For me, it’s all about offering choices to cover different needs & moods!

I’m also lucky enough to have a great contact who has enabled me to continue using some great essential oil blends made by Vital Touch, which I add to the bases I use… And a couple of waxes still made by Niki Mc Glynn… always lovely to keep those personal connections with suppliers whose products I adore!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been ‘gathering myself’ after a very hectic summer & wasn’t up to formulating any musings & committing them to print! Till next time, take care.

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