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A top tip or 2 for the hot weather…?

I may have told some of you about these, but I think the first one, particularly, is a brilliant ‘top tip’ if you ‘overheat’ in the current sunshine (Cornwall, UK)!

Put a ‘hot’ water bottle (or 2, or more!) in the fridge, so you rotate when they warm up! Clearly, you fill it/them with cold water to start with… under your head at night, under your feet… be creative! And, if you don’t have a hot water bottle, put it on your list immediately! It comes under my heading of ‘every home should have one’…

Next would be tiger balm (quite cooling in this weather) – I put a tiny amount on the end of my nose sometimes…pulse points are good too…

Sarongs for informal cool wear at home – men & women… we can all wear them – be brave, break the rules… comfort is king!

Finally, I guess a water spray is excellent too – so fine it dries immediately – great for the back of the neck, wrists, back of the knees, face – I rescued many stressy overheated moments with kids with this… And, don’t put essential oils in, it’ll just clog up the nozzle!

Short & sweet, that’s all from me for now, let me know if they’re helpful!

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