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We’re ALL doing our BEST…!

Wherever we are in our lives, it can be easy to berate ourselves for all we’re NOT attending to… today, yesterday, last week, last year… in our lives so far… & so it goes on…!

We all make the BEST choices we can, given the context, our knowledge & awareness, what we sense as our options & taking into account our priorities at the time. ALL of this shifts, however & this does not mean, must not mean, we were wrong… we simply used all the information available to us at the time.

This ties in with REGRETS… no point in those, simply a waste of time & energy (& potentially mental health!). We all prioritise different things at different stages & times in our lives, which results in immense differences in what our circumstances are NOW. This can sometimes look as if ‘others got it RIGHT’, which implies ‘you got it WRONG’ – again, no point in that, it’s all relative & hindsight is not useful… except to guide us in the future… maybe…

There are instances in our past that teach us much for the future… & sometimes there are so many other aspects that have changed, that the apparent ‘WISDOM’ learnt serves no useful purpose… What is a smart decision at one moment in time, could be the daftest idea on the planet at a later date..

So… let’s tune in, quietly, & TRUST that we really are ALL doing our BEST, no matter what it looks like to anyone else…

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