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Re-jiggling our priorities

Every so often, it seems vital to me, that we reflect & possibly ‘re-jiggle our priorities’, as they tend to change throughout the course of our lives. Sometimes we do this ‘voluntarily’, sometimes external events side swipe us & ‘insist’ we make those changes!

Many of my clients have treatments with me as their current (or ongoing) priority is their health & wellbeing, whether we’re looking at more obvious physical aspects, or exploring underlying aspects which undermine their quality of life.

Some get in touch with an injury (old or new), some wanting support through the ageing process (don’t we all!) & some because they’re wanting to ensureĀ  optimum output for their body & see massage & bodywork as an essential part of building a foundation for the future.

I have clients who have highly physical lifestyles & those who lead fairly sedentary lives, through work & hobbies, & we work together to explore how to achieve the best balance we can.

It doesn’t really matter what ‘order’ we’ve done things in, we’ve all made choices around priorities, with the options available at the time… & we all have the possibility of re-jiggling those in the NOW. There will be losses & gains for each & every one of us, but the important thing is to grab the NOW & work on re-jiggling those if needs be.

If you sense my input would be useful, do get in touch… I love a challenge & there are many different ways we can work together.

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