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‘Efficient’ Exercise!

I am a lover of what I call ‘efficient’ exercise, & what I mean by that is one exercise that achieves several goals at once… That way, I need only do that one thing & I feel I’m good to go for the day & anything else is a bonus!

Now, some of you will be serious exercisers… knock yourself out, I did that years back & built a great ‘foundation’ for where I am now, but sustaining it now, with a physical job, a light frame, being over 60 & a ‘sensitive’ who needs a lot of quiet time… that’s no longer me!

We each have to work out the right balance for movement or exercise, depending on any health conditions, our jobs, our lifestyle demands & our age… AND, this changes as external factors change, so keep checking that what you’re doing is right for all elements of your life & body!

My background includes a lot of ballet, then contemporary dance, a period of fairly sedentary life, then yoga, training to run exercise classes, running, followed by big doses of Alexander & Feldenkrais & dips into yoga, qigong & salsa, along with my massage training…. so I do have a head start over many, a ‘repertoire’ if you like of what to dip into, whether that be for clients or for myself…

In my classes, which were a maximum of 25, students were all ages, all shapes & sizes & a huge part of the class was checking what was true for them about each exercise… & adapting it, if we were not achieving the desired outcome. This was where I learnt that bodies are put together VERY differently & ‘tuning in’ to each person’s truth is vital – ie working together, something that’s carried through to my massage work.

So… if you’re a regular client, keep picking my brains for the most ‘efficient’ exercise you can play with, for the moment… & we can try something else as & when required! And, if you’re a Blog Post subscriber, explore for yourself perhaps, or get in touch – maybe we could set up a Skype to discuss what would fit easily into your life, right now…?

More than anything, make it achievable & consequently rewarding – & have fun!


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