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Anecdotal Evidence or Wisdom

I was having a conversation recently with someone (male) who was a little scathing around ‘anecdotal evidence’ within medicine & I began to wonder if it was because I am a woman that I am very happy with what I would call anecdotal wisdom... And, could it also be that growing up at a different time, things that are now perceived to be dangerous, I understand to be very useful as part of us all building our immune systems…

Maybe it is that, as women, we often share information amongst ourselves, where doctors have not been helpful, especially around ‘female’ issues, including  periods, pregnancy, giving birth, raising babies & children, the menopause… It saddens me that as we move into a more & more ‘masculine’ way of approaching many areas of life, the old wisdom is at risk of being entirely invalidated, & forgotten.

Science & ‘factual’ proof is extremely useful, but could it perhaps be a little less arrogant around dismissing what many centuries of anecdotal wisdom can offer alongside. I say this as a woman who for years has used homeopathy & natural ways of working on my health, & I have kept away from medical intervention which I sensed would compromise my long term wellbeing.

So, pump your wise women friends & relatives for information they know to have been true & useful for them, resist the need for intervention at every turn, & TRUST that if you quieten your mind, you may even have an answer yourself

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