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Respect your fluctuating energy

Respect your energy… it changes, it ebbs & flows, through the day, the week, the month, the seasons… These days, apparently, we are required to ‘deliver’ to the same standard every day, our ‘best selves’ always to the fore… Well, seriously, what’s human about that?! That’s a machine, surely…

So… what if we were just a tad more respectful, & found small ways to honour our different qualities & strengths as we go through our lives. Maybe just a nod to feeling a little less ‘up & out there’, a tweak to our food, drink & ouput, knowing that we will come back to ‘full power’ much more swiftly if we are just a little kinder to these subtle shifts.

Our situations are all unique, as is our energy flow, but could we sometimes change the plan, swap a task or two around, or, if not, allow a longer break, an earlier finish, a lazy morning or evening to accommodate this aspect of not being a machine..

Many people I see are ‘suffering’ as a result of having relentlessly ignored this over the years, with different outcomes, & I would say the younger generation do seem to have spotted this &, as a result, are aiming to be a little more ‘tuned in’ to their ‘overall’ long term health & wellbeing. Battering ourselves for our jobs is not sustainable, nor is doing it for friends or family, so perhaps be a little more honest about what you can do…. & respect that your energy fluctuates.

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