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Tiptoeing gently into 2019!

Hi all… Here we go into another year, with a fair bit of hype about what that offers… I read a lovely piece the other day that said ‘ there is nothing magical about January 1st’, which I kinda like!

Maybe, it’s being Scottish, that there does seem a sense of ‘magic’ around the end of one year & the beginning of the next, but… as I’ve got older, I’ve found more truth in a ‘new start’ at any point in the year. And… I’ve increasingly gone right off anything with mega amounts of hype that the rest of the world seems to be promoting!

Whether it’s that I’m out of step with the ‘crazy positive’ vibe, which grossly misses underlying truths, or perhaps I’ve come to realise there’s a chunk of me that needs to ‘hibernate & gather myself’ in the darker months… (Then again, I may’ve simply turned into a Grumpy Old Woman?!)

Whichever… I am very happy tiptoeing gently into 2019 & allowing reflections to bubble up & inform what happens next – what do I  take control of, what do I allow, how do I keep my heart open for all aspects of life?

So, how are you approaching 2019? Does this resonate with you? Or do you bust a gut to leap into the New Year with a ton of energy & excitement for new plans…? Let me know by clicking here

Until next time, enjoy whichever way you like to do things AND celebrate that it’s the right way for YOU

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