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Calling All Business Owners!

Quite a number of my clients are Business Owners or Sole Traders (like me) & I tend to think it’s because we aim to take care of ourselves, because¬†our businesses depends on it…

Now, this isn’t always true, sometimes we do crazy things to keep the work coming in… & I can’t pretend that a fortnightly or monthly bodywork session, with an opportunity to ‘download’ before we start, is the solution to everything!! But… I can say that the results & benefits my clients feel, do contribute positively to their relationship with their lives… (And, some are such converts that they offer this work to their staff…!)

I allow time to ‘decompress’ before we begin the actual massage, something very few therapists do. I am a great believer in checking in with whatever aspects of your life we need to (ie not just the physical), so that the massage can work more effectively to relax or rejuvenate you. I must point out that this part of the work is client led, so although I will always check in with you, how you answer is up to you! (If I’m offering On Site Wellbeing sessions, this can also be a very useful component, though we do this with care, as we are in the Workplace).

From my point of view, this ‘downloading’ or ‘decompressing’ is important, as we carry the tensions of our lives in our muscles. However, as mentioned, I only encourage what feels safe to offload for each client. Many clients have made HUGE changes as a result of these ‘check ins’.

So, if you sense some bodywork support could be a great addition to your life, or that of your staff… do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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