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Massage session and/or self care…?

Diving straight in…¬†You ‘inhabit’ your body 24 hours a day, for however long you’ve been alive, & you do what you do & how you do it every minute of every hour of every day… So, you build up ‘patterns of use‘, in the muscles (& in the brain).

If I give you a massage, say for 60 minutes, that’s how long I have to imprint something different in your muscles & brain, & my plan is to leave you feeling delicious enough that you want to keep that new imprint for as long as possible. But… as with any changes, you are likely to go back to your ‘default setting’ after a while. How long that takes will be different for each person, but this is often why I suggest self care elements in between sessions. Unless you are having massage every day, you are unlikely to retain the changes for long. There are, undoubtedly, incremental changes that occur, but they are often slow…

So… if you want to get the most out of any improvements from your sessions, tiny amounts of daily self care is the way forward. I (mostly) do not come with a magic wand where everything is ‘fixed’ in one session! If you’ve been ‘misusing’ your body for years, we can unpick that, explore that, bit by bit… & make those changes stick!! But, it takes effort & input from you…

I used to say the same thing when I was running exercise classes, & even if the changes you’re wanting to see aren’t physical, self care between sessions will consolidate our work together. If you really want to get the most out of the bodywork, pick my brains & then grab/create those precious moments to do the self care!

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