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The delicious massage waxes I use…

Those of you who have, or have had, massages with me, know I love to use delicious waxes for my treatments… well, some changes are afoot & I wanted to update you!

Sadly, one very lovely supplier (Grace) is no longer producing her fab waxes as she’s focusing on her health… so, I’ve been busy exploring other suppliers. I know some of you have no particular interest in what I use on your bodies, for others, the whole smelling & choosing element is very much a part of the treatment, & you are really connected to the products I use – hence the page on my website!

I use a number of waxes blended with essential oils, now mostly provided by Songbird, who I’ve used pretty much from the start. Niki’s balms are also a firm favourite, though making these is now only a small part of her work, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she will continue in a small way… Along with those, I will continue to use up my stock of Grace waxes until they run out….!

The other alternative is to use plain waxes, for clients who do not want a ‘smell’, & it allows me to add one of the delicious essential oil mixes, provided by Vital Touch, for those who do. For me, choice is very important, as our biochemistry changes, & that impacts on what appeals to us, & indeed, what will be most effective.

It’s been fun (& challenging at times) to find the right mix of grip & ‘blandness’ for a new base wax, as this was something that I found with Graces’ wax… The plain base from Highland Wax has the most wonderful ‘honey’ smell, as there is a high proportion of beeswax in it. Some clients love it so much, they don’t want any essential oils added! However, if you’re not a fan of honey, I realised I’d need something that really did have ‘no smell’, so, I’m currently playing with some sports & reflexology bases, which tend to have more grip… I will be asking for feedback as I see you….

‘Smells’ & textures can feed your soul, in life & in a massage… & I think they’re extremely important… but I would, I think all the elements are vital!!

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