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The idea behind my Blog Posts!

I wanted to be clear about this – I am not necessarily attempting to say anything especially clever or deep, nor share new information (though sometimes I may do that!) … but, what I am looking to do is to bring to the forefront of your minds aspects we can all forget, or let slip, along the way, with everyday life.

Often this is prompted by a conversation I’ve just had, a webinar I’ve attended, an article I’ve read, or simply an event that has gone on in my own life, or with someone close to me. My aim is to encourage you to remember that whatever is going on, the likelihood is that you’re not alone in that experience. And whilst the mundane is necessary, deeper thinking is also important, even if only to visit from time to time! And, sometimes the tiniest idea from a Blog Post, can be life changing, as has many of you have mentioned.

Equally, I am not intending to represent myself as someone who ‘gets it right’, in fact many times I think I’m an excellent example of how not to do it! We all have our points of strength, & if we can share those with others, we can all gain, if only by giving new thinking a go, & then ‘binning’ it if it isn’t for us! I look to pass on snippets that come my way, from specific life experiences over 6 decades myself, & through deep conversations with people up to age 90… And, those of you who know me, know I’m pretty cheeky & will take a chance on asking a question, where others may not!!

I’m always ready to hear what musings you can throw into the mix, so get in touch through this link… 

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