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If in doubt, write an OVERLOAD list!

When I’m feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, or indeed low or grumpy… any ‘state’ I’m not keen on (!), I make a list… and, you will not believe how much difference writing ALL of what’s getting to you can make!

I get a pad & let myself write EVERYTHING that comes into my head – diary style, this is not for anyone else’s eyes, & I am not going to judge myself for anything on that list, no matter how small… I do not stop until my mind goes blank.. & I find a sense of peace on completion.

It may not work for you, but perhaps give it a go… I see it as a mind de-clutter & as I’ve said to some of you, when I look at my list on completion, I often chuckle, & think ‘who wouldn’t be – insert appropriate word here – if they had all this to contend with!!

Over the years I’ve clocked it’s a lack of acceptance of ‘negative’ thoughts, when, in the west, we have soo much… however, it may not be what we expected & we need to allow ourselves to feel what we do… & then let it go…

It’s a short one today… cos I’ve been feeling overloaded (!!)… I did my list & felt inspired to share the process… I already feel better! I do hope you find it useful, & as always let me know what tricks you use – it’s good to have a few, for sure. Till next time…

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