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Make ‘CHANGE’ easy!

I was talking to a client recently, about staying fit, getting fit, making changes to your diet, especially as you get older & the serious health implications seem to become more apparent. We were discussing why more people don’t take the time, make the effort, or whatever it is exactly, for them. I feel it’s often because they’re self conscious about where they are, & slightly clueless about  how to start, & how to take into account their specific needs. And… we need to make CHANGE easy!

Maybe it’s because I have a background in running exercise classes, & have been doing bodywork for, pretty much, 35 years, that I see it’s always possible to start from where you are… I am a huge believer in baby steps, finding something that’s truly doable for you, & then building on it, once you’ve integrated it into your life… but… more than anything, find the way in that’s easy for you.

Carrying extra weight or having an injury that’s impacted on your mobility has a huge part to play here… so, attend to recovery from injury with vigilance, so that your movement stays light, free & with flow. There’s a lot of talk around staying strong as we age, but I also think we need to learn & maintain stress free body mechanics, working on flexibility for our joints, & ensuring that our muscular & skeletal build stay well matched.

Think of change as something that’ll keep your brain alive & alert, so you will be doing it all your life, & you will have all your life to take tiny, easy steps… And, if you think the holistic service I provide, might help with inspiring & supporting those easy changes… get in touch…


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