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Gratitude – big up what you get right!

Many of you know I’m a fan of the ‘gratitude list’ as a morning ritual, & that I like to tweak it, to keep it fresh, to stay connected to it. Something I’ve employed of late is an appreciation (gratitude) for qualities I’ve used the day before – it could be tasks I’ve done that I’ve been putting off forever, or pushing through something uncomfortable… but, remembering that sometimes it’s okay to be grateful for who you are, how you’re wired, what you’ve achieved, how you’ve behaved … etc etc

The scientific idea behind gratitude is it helps develop a different part of the brain to the fight or flight, survival, negative part, that appropriately kept us safe & alive but now, tends to result in stress. So without getting caught up in the specific parts of the brain, I just see it as building ‘muscles’ that are helpful to a life, focusing on flow & ease (or bliss, as a client said to me recently). We need to strengthen that part of our brain, & it will grow if we use it more… In fact, it can become quite easy for lovely, positive, abundant aspects of our lives to come into our consciousness, which will make that gratitude list a doddle!

And, like with everything, start small… If you’re not feeling very grateful or positive, start with just 3 very tiny things… Like getting fit, losing weight, saving money, there’s often a slow start, & the amount of change can seem almost non-existent… but, persist, it will come, it will happen, do it regardless, & trust changes & bliss could well occur! Tell me how you get on, & let me know if I can help…


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