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Stuck around the middle!

There’s something about coming out of Winter & heading into Spring, that seems to generate more energy, changes in eating & exercise as the days get a little bit longer. I’ve tended to think that carrying a little more weight or inches through the Winter is no bad thing, as long as it ‘disappears’ as we shift seasons… The problem is, that as we get older, the maintenance of our lives often tends to involve a lot of sitting down, and there exists a general assumption that a ‘spare tyre’ simply comes with age too.

I read an excellent piece by Marilyn Glenville, which explained the damage carrying all that extra weight ‘around the middle’ does to many of our organs – impairing their function & making moving around in everyday life much harder work. I began to realise I had allowed that to happen too, & tackled those extra inches around my waist with a vengeance! After a while, I got my instincts back around eating & could trust them… & my ability to run around at my old pace returned… I thought it was gone for good!

There was a great programme on Channel 4 in November – The Truth About Slim People – which demonstrated how we often have the ability to slide physical activities into everyday life, without necessarily devoted specific times for them. And, that we may skip or delay meals at times when we know we don’t need to eat much, or maybe our digestion isn’t ready for it yet… Also, that we will often eat meals made from scratch, that way consuming less calories… So, it’s not magic, we’re not ‘lucky’, but it’s more that we tend to stay in tune with our body’s needs… Fancy a massage to kick start those ‘instincts’ … call me!

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