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Rest, rest & more rest!

I’ve had an interesting time since my last Blog Post – absorbing lots of new information, meeting new people, dealing with an ever-changing appointment book (sometimes it just goes like that!) & also being reminded of practices from earlier times in my life… The biggest ‘take away’ for me has been the importance of REST, at every stage of our lives.

I remember visiting a girlfriend, years ago, who was in her early 20’s, yet she always napped at the weekend, whilst my son & I chatted away with her husband… I was confused – I thought only ‘old’ people had naps, & I was only 38, & had only napped occasionally when my son was a baby, because I was soo pooped! Now I look back & just think what a smart cookie she was!

We don’t seem to be living in a time when REST is encouraged, but if we are going to stay well for longer, we cannot constantly adopt the ‘push through’ mentality, ignoring the needs of our nervous systems & our entire bodies. As with physical exercise, sometimes ‘pushing through’ is exactly what’s required, but sometimes REST┬áis the best way forward to truly achieve our short & long term goals.

I would like to suggest that you all give some time to simply RESTING, over the next couple of weeks – it may only be 10 minutes, perhaps just a few deep breaths, or it could be a mind blowing 2 hours! Don’t assume it’s a sign of decrepitude, or that you won’t achieve your goals, your body & your mind could benefit hugely from a much needed lie down! Give it a go & let me know!!

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