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Our lives are asymmetrical, our bodies are asymmetrical, so, it’s good to remember to ‘add in’ asymmetrical measures for balance. What I mean by that is… if we have a dominance on one side – leg, arm, entire side of the body – it may not be smart to work out in a symmetrical way to achieve balance.

For example, if we have a ‘leading’ left leg (ie we always step first with that leg), it would be good to explore leading with the right leg. If we are right arm dominant, then do left arm wall press ups, or bicep curls… or similar…

What I’m suggesting is that our exercise/activity routines that are about keeping our fitness & strength up, need to take into account any current imbalances. If we do the same amount on both sides, we perpetuate (& increase, cos that’s how muscles build) the difference between our two sides.

In the same way, when treating a client, I may not work identically on both sides if I clearly experience them to be different. And… I would look to encourage any additional work a client does in between sessions to explore & address those anomalies. However, as with any work I do with clients, I look to encourage curiosity around our bodies, not criticism, & to find ways to ‘play’ with those imbalances, not be disheartened by them…

My aim is always to offer the idea that to be human is to be imperfect!!

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