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Fresh green shoots everywhere…

& a sense of wanting to fling off heavy winter coats… or is that just me?! In between horizontal rain showers, we have had moments of sunshine & stunning clouds here in Cornwall. There does seem to be promise in the air once more, in spite of soggy fields and hovering lurgy for many of us! Can’t be long till Spring really arrives… surely…?

I also wanted to remind those of you on my ‘snail mail’ Newsletter list that we’re approaching 31st January when my discount offer ends… such a good opportunity (if you have the cash) to set yourself up with a reduced price treatment – or even a present for someone you know going through a particularly tough time. And, you have until 30th September 2018 to actually have the massage. Do get in touch if you want to take advantage of this.

There’s a wonderful Meditation & Mindfulness Summit going on at the moment – organised by Sounds True, an excellent resource for fab interviews, with a phenomenal range of speakers. I love being able to access these, not listening to all of them, but being able to cherry pick, & listen while I’m having a bath, doing odd jobs… I would urge you to sign up with Sounds True, unless you are distracted by American accents! Personally, I love it, as it connects me with memories of southern drawl when I was a tot living in Texas!! The various perspectives around Meditation & Mindfulness are always useful too, with many angles as to what brought people to it, why continue to practice, what it achieves etc. etc.

Okay, that’s it for now, I’ll be in touch again soon, & I am always happy to have a Skype chat, whether you’re enquiring about your first treatment, or need some input in between sessions – again, get in touch!


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