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Homemade ‘TV Dinners’!

As you’ve spotted, I like to mix up the content of my Blog Posts – deep & meaningful, followed by simply practical, so here goes… I am a lover of batch cooking – vital with my work schedule, but also incredibly useful as I live (& mostly eat) alone. So, I batch cook every possible component, which enables me to concoct a myriad of different meals by putting the various elements together.

I even batch cook pasta, my mix of rice & barley (sometimes adding red quinoa), & when baking potatoes (any old potatoes, not baking potatoes), I do lots in order to split them open the next day & gently grill them… adding another topping… I like to come in & pop whatever combination in the oven, in a big dish, altogether, covered with tin foil, & after unpacking my kit, loading the washing machine, running & having my bath (my life is enthralling isn’t it?!)… my meal is good to go, after a couple of stirs – delicious!

Specifically, I batch cook a basic tomato sauce, sweet potato, endless pulses (different lentils & beans), meatballs, the inevitable spag bol (can be used to stuff peppers, along with rice etc) & chilli, meatloaf (sliced) casseroles, curries. I also freeze potato & veg water which allows me to turn any of the ‘meal’ ideas into a soup at the drop of a hat… I always have frozen leaf spinach & tend to freeze ginger as it’s easy to grate or chop as’n when needed – more easy additions.

This may not work for everyone, but I find it allows me to enjoy healthy, homemade meals much more effortlessly, especially important when busy &/or eating alone… I’d love to hear your versions!

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