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Introverts, Empaths & Highly Sensitive People….

As many of you know, alongside offering massage, I like to explore other ways to make life easier for us all. Whether this is practical, or more about the ‘inner’ aspects, I am eternally curious & fascinated by the human condition.

I am clear that our bodies & our health are connected to our life experiences, & I have been reading a lot on Introverts, Empaths & Highly Sensitive People over the last little while. It is sad that many people who come into the above categories are judged as depressed, dysfunctional, lazy or misfits in some way, & sometimes medication is suggested to ‘normalise’ them… The world has moved increasingly to favour the opposite ‘types’, & it disturbs & challenges society when some of us make different choices in the way we want to conduct our lives.

I am speaking from personal experience, and also about friends, family & clients. We often need more sleep, more quiet time to process things, but that doesn’t mean we’re all shy & retiring, never go out to parties & can’t stand on stages or perform!! In fact, as you may be aware, many performers are in the above group…

Some great websites to explore if you’re interested are those of Susan Cain, Judith Orloff & Elaine Aron, & I urge you to do some reading if this could be you. The biggest thing I have learned is the importance of REST – even if it’s just for a few breaths… it gives us time to re connect – a massage can help too!!

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