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Ooh, I love my job!

Sometimes I get to head out into quiet back lanes, alongside rivers, where you really feel like you’re going back in time – hardly any cars on the road.. Other times, I’m coming home as the bats take to the air, or the owls come out, the sun goes down… all heavenly… I love it… especially as my corner of Helston is pretty low down without much view of the sky…

As I set off each day, I do experience a sense of freedom – everything I need in the back of my car (& a few other smart items, just in case!!), aiming to allow enough time not to ‘rush’ (there’s that word again – more of that another time), which means I often have an opportunity to pause, before arriving at my client appointment. Feeling free, or indeed not feeling trapped, is vital for me… I’m sure many of you can relate to that!

Every day, every week, every month is different, which, again, I love, & I get to see the most stunning parts of the entire county… though, endless flexibility is a skill to be honed, for sure!

Are you lucky enough to love your job? Are there parts of your job that you do love, if not all of it?! Can you ensure that you remain aware of what is joyous about your job? (even if it’s what the money you earn allows you to do….holidays, work on the house, activities for the kids, hobbies… have a massage?!)

The trick is to reframe, reframe, reframe… till next time, take care.


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