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Daily Rituals

I don’t know about you, but I need to change my Daily Rituals from to time, to shake them up a little, This ensures I remain fully connected to the benefits, otherwise they can disappear into a blinkered, unconscious part of me… almost as if, in being a daily routine, I do it without being ‘present’ – I’m going through the motions.┬áIn some areas of life, I think this can be useful, but, for me, the rewards for my Daily Morning Rituals, definitely get clearer when I’m paying attention.

Of late, I’ve changed back to a Gratitude list, & a positive description of my life, after a spell of ‘New Things I’ve Learnt‘ (which was great fun, & surprising!). The best time for me is first thing, with my coffee tray, back in bed, still not interrupted by the outside world – except the birdsong through the open window. Even if this means putting my alarm on, I will not rush the start of my day – I have learnt in recent years, rushing does not work for me…! I do have a journal I use, & keep a notebook handy for ‘must do today’ items, if they pop into my head. At the beginning of any new version, there is definitely a blast of positive energy, & I am sure this is because I’m ‘present’. If I begin to notice a ‘dragging’ in my energy, I often start by making a change in the focus of my journalling.

Do you have a ritual that supports & nourishes you, deep inside… & sets you up for the day…? I’d love to hear about it!

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